Based in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Leeon has ten years professional experience in photography and more than 30 years general photography experience.

Personal Portrait

Specializing in portrait services in the comfort of your home and on-location Leeon brings the studio to you at affordable prices with professional results that fit virtually any budget.

Sports Photography

Coaches and parents can concentrate on the game and players while I capture the moments of the game from the sidelines or in the stands.

Stock Images

Visit my galleries at standard stock photography sites for scenic, occupational and situational prints.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Confucius

Recent News

Summer was fun working with the crew at Art of Embroidery, capturing images for their unique design store, including their naughty side.

After working with a few more models, I plan to relaunch my KickStarter Campaign "Light Curves" - Accentuating the beautiful curves of womanhood with targeted light and shadow.